“Daria DiGiovanni crafted an excellent story describing the sometimes roller coaster events of life and how faith and family are keys to renewal. Her descriptions place the reader in the room as an active participant watching the events unfold. It becomes clear as the reader walks through this story that while there are many things to grab in this world, faith, family and love of country provide a solid foundation. I recommend this book. It’s a fine read.”Anthony M. Davis, author of the book Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System.

“Daria is an amazing writer and an outstanding friend. She did an incredible job editing and collaborating on my book. Her most recent release, Water Signs is a wonderful tale of love and growth. I highly recommend you escape to the beach with this page-turner, you won’t be disappointed.” — Stacey Joiner, author of the book You Deserve the Royal Treatment .

“Talented, brilliant and gifted are just a few words that describe Daria as a writer and as a person. When you have the opportunity to read her first novel I have no doubt that you will agree with me. From the first page to the last you will be completely mesmerized as the story unfolds and you become utterly intrigued by the characters. Her style of writing will have you totally captivated; but I must warn you that once you start reading this outstanding novel you will be tempted to never put it down. It is a definite ‘must read’ for all.” — Ann M. Kravitz, Teacher’s Aide, North Penn School District

“Daria is a very gifted author. She has the ability through her written words to literally take her reader to the time and place she has created as a backdrop to the story she tells. As I read her most recent work, I was able to mentally escape the present and enter the world of her main character. Daria has a talent for conjuring images in the mind and eliciting emotions in the heart of her reader. The detail of her description flows in a way that envelops the reader in the story line and immerses you in the ambiance of the moment. Reading her book was an amazing experience for me. I was taken back to times visiting the New Jersey shore and living in the Pennsylvania area. The memories that Daria expressed in words, came alive for me, right down to the sounds and smells. The story, which revisits a time of freedom and personal growth for the main character, is easily one that I relate to personally and gave me so much joy and hope as I read each chapter. Thanks Daria for blessing us with your gifts.” — Mary Reiss, Vice-President, Contracts RTI International

“Daria is by far one of the most talented persons I have ever met in my life. She inspires everyone she comes in contact with, and her brother Ralph is a huge inspiration to both Daria and me. She is a persistent  go-getter and achiever who writes with such intrigue you cannot wait to turn the page when reading her novel. Daria is also a great role model for all ages.” — Carole Wilson, District Manager with Arbonne International

“No question about it! Daria DiGiovanni is one talented writer. Her book, Water Signs, doesn’t just draw you in as a reader. It grabs you, and makes you part of the characters’ lives — because we’ve all have our own tales of love, lost and gained. I highly recommend this compelling read!” — Patricia Soldati, Career Counselor/Professional Resume Writer, Purposeful Work.com

Daria, I was up until 1 a.m. reading your wonderful book; I just couldn’t put it down! I loved it; it was so beautifully written and made me feel good inside. Please keep on writing. You have an order from me for your next book!” Colleen Anzalone

Water Signs is what I call a ‘popcorn book’, meaning I couldn’t stop turning the pages to get to the end, much in the same way I can’t stop eating popcorn until it’s all gone. I am really looking forward to the sequel!” — Vera Fossain-Grissell

“Daria, I just finished reading your wonderful book. I couldn’t put it down. I am begging you to write a sequel so that I can find out how Maddy and Ken’s marriage is going.Do they have a baby of their own? I know a few women who are having their first babies at 41, so it is possible. Is Erin presenting a problem for them? How is Maddy adjusting to Ken’s children? Please reply and tell me if you are going to write a sequel. I hope so. I will read it as soon as it is available. I, too, am from the NJ and the Phila. areas. It was fun to read about so many places and landmarks that are familiar to me. Thank you for so many hours of great reading! God bless you.” — J. Kravitz

“I am a little biased about this review. I met Daria, the author, through facebook. She happens to live in my area so we have become new friends. As I read the book I completely found myself understanding who Daria was through her writing and by the way she relates the characters. I am not big into novels. I read mostly political books. This however was a nice escape from the political life I live. I completely lost track of time when I read this book. I would find myself reading 100 pages during each setting. I am surprised I found the time. The beginning half of the book takes place in the Northeast; the second half in sunny south Florida. It was nice to read about some of the hot spots that “Maddy” hangs out at. We used to go to the same spots! Just before Madeline Rose moves to Florida to start her new life, her brother gives her a book that with a very special inscription in it. The day that I read this part of the book I was going through some “spiritual warfare”. Reading this quote touched my heart. It was almost as if God was using Daria and this portion of the book to speak to me. I keep that message dear to my heart.” — Jessica Johnson-Dornblaser

“I have worked with Daria DiGiovanni on various projects for over a year now. I knew she was the best when I hired her to edit my book, ‘The Goffle Road Murders,’ and she was thorough, professional and courteous. She was worth every penny and I have been pleased with her work. I would encourage anyone to hire her for their editorial needs.”– Don E. Smith Jr., author and writer of the forthcoming Goffle Road MurdersHawthorne, and Political Power: Ronald Reagan

“I’m writing to compliment the editing services of Daria DiGiovanni. I consider myself to be a relatively skilled writer, with good ideas. But I don’t always express my ideas as eloquently as I’d like. Ms. DiGiovanni consistently improves the articles that I write. I know this because since I began utilizing her services the feedback on my articles and blog posts has become more frequent and positive. I would highly recommend Daria to anyone that wants to improve the quality of their writing, whether it be for articles or full-fledged tomes.” — Steven Rosenblum, Host of Conservative Republican Forum on Blog Talk Radio.com.

“Daria was the editor of my book and frankly she is the most wonderful editor I’ve worked with. I want to have her edit all my books. Tess McNamara is my writer’s name.” — Gabrielle Crofts (Tess McNamara), author of Child of Destiny

“Besides being an excellent novelist and storyteller, Daria DiGiovanni is a tireless worker. She will go the extra mile in her work and in her friendships, and I have no doubt that all who have known her have felt her giving spirit. I recommend Daria to edit your book, as she will give it her all. And expect to make a true friend in the deal as well.” — Kevin Jackson, writer, blogger and author of The Big Black Lie

“Water Signs is a great book — very enlightening and suspenseful. It was one of the first books I’ve read in a long time and I know it will be enjoyed by all.” — Rita Carlucci, nurse practitioner, South Jersey

“I read Daria’s book and found it very hard to put down. Daria is very much the romantic with her characters. A charming and delightful read!” — Ann Regan

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