Introducing Sea To Shining Sea, the sequel to Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal. Due out in late-spring/early-summer 2010, Sea To Shining Sea chronicles the continuing saga of Ken and Madeline, six months after their long-awaited wedding. Reflecting the events of the day, the book will take a decidedly political turn, placing the two main characters into trying situations that will test their faith, persistence and moral integrity:

After sixteen tumultuous years, destined lovers Ken and Madeline Lockheart finally have it all—a blissful marriage, a beautiful home, two healthy children, fulfilling work and a renewed sense of faith and patriotism. But during one significant business trip abroad, the couple will personally discover just how treacherous and absurd the world has become.

When a joyous event becomes a source of contention with the “medical experts”, and an important telecomm deal implodes thanks to government-imposed political correctness, Ken transitions from successful sales executive to determined candidate for office. And while he’s always enjoyed a good reputation and the respect of his community, he’s in for a rude awakening as Sunshine State politics quickly turns friends into enemies.
Having landed her man at last, Madeline valiantly endeavors to create close bonds with his offspring, in spite of their mother’s endless attempts to discredit her. In the wake of unexpected and simultaneously uplifting and tragic news, she’s forced to summon the same strength and courage that has always guided her in the past.

Spurred on by steadfast faith in God, genuine love of country and unwavering fidelity to each other, Ken and Madeline will ultimately come to understand the broader significance of their star-crossed union and the
esoteric value of their journey from sea to shining sea.

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