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Dancing In The Sky Fundraiser for US Soldiers

In this photo: My friend Steve Monell expresses his gratitude at a Tea Party gathering in Fort Lauderdale.

Last week, I interviewed Neal Bellinger of Shopping For Soldiers Needs on The Liberty Belle Hour. This worthy organization does so much to support our men and women in uniform, including sending gift baskets and other essential items overseas. Please visit their website to learn more, and if you live in South Florida, consider attending their second annual Dancing In The Sky fundraiser, to be held at the Radisson Bridge Hotel in Boca Raton.

Your donation of $25 includes stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, chefs tables, hors d’oeuvres, live music, dancing, raffles and other prizes. To help keep costs down, there will be a cash bar. Money raised from this particular event will be used to purchase brand-name products to be placed into gift baskets which will be shipped out for the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukah Season. For more information, click here.


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Conservative, Independent Film Maker Jack Marino Joins Liberty Belle Hour on Thursday, June 17

I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Jack Marino on Facebook about 18 months ago, soon after he’d appeared as the guest of Nick Polyzos and Kender MacGowen on Young Gun Conservative talk radio. A true patriot and gentleman, one of Jack’s passions is the United States Military, the defenders of the freedoms we hold dear. In particular, he felt a debt of gratitude and obligation to ones who’d served in Vietnam, those “forgotten heroes” who were largely spat upon and repugnantly derided in American society as “baby killers” (quite ironically, I might add, by many Baby Boomers who don’t have the slightest qualms about abortion, nor a clue as to what actually transpired in Vietnam).

Jack set out to create a film in the tradition of John Wayne’s The Green Berets, which attempted to counteract the discontent and hostility at home over the USA’s involvement in the  Vietnam War with an unapologetically anti-communist, pro-American message, reflective of Wayne’s support for our troops and our efforts in southeast Asia. Alas, with the subsequent hippie-flower-power takeover of the centers of influence in Hollywood, pro-American, pro-US Military films quickly became the stuff of nostalgia as the box offices began furiously churning out one lefty, anti-war film after another.

From Coming Home to Born on the Fourth of July to Full Metal Jacket and Platoon, Hollywood continually sent a clear message to American movie-goers: if you’re looking for uplifting stories about military heroism and praise for your country’s willingness to send their strongest and bravest to the most hostile places in the world to protect and defend freedom,  find something else to do on your weekend.  Unlike popcorn, patriotism at the theater was in short supply.

Enter Jack Marino, who’d seen and heard enough. Raised with a strong belief in God, country and family, Marino invested countless hours and hard-earned treasure into producing a film that not only celebrates our men and women in uniform, but also the diversity of a country populated by people of various races, ethnicities and colors — all bound by a common love of freedom.

In a review of the film for Smart Girl Nation last year, I wrote:

The result is an engaging drama that follows the mission of an eclectic squadron of Marines as they attempt to rescue a Russian General who has defected to the United States. Representing the ethnic and racial diversity of America, this group of heroes includes a blond-haired surfer boy from Venice Beach, a young Latino from Los Angeles, a wise-cracking Italian-American from Brooklyn, and a stocky cowboy from Oklahoma. In keeping with the film’s tagline, “it was a time that turned boys into men and men into heroes,” when we first meet our core characters, they appear to behave more like frat boys than American soldiers, playing drinking games and fantasizing about girls on the beach.

Recently, Michael Moriarity raved about Forgotten Heroes for the excellent website, Big Hollywood:

Yes, Jack Marino’s version of a Platoon is the entire American Rainbow Family.

It is a guerilla tribute to the greatness of American guerillas.

You won’t forget it, I assure you … and, after the most disturbing moment begins to sift through your consciousness, you will begin to see the film as a measure of not only American courage but her divine irresistibility.

You won’t regret having taken the time.

Forgotten Heroes is actually unforgettable.

To purchase a DVD copy of Marino’s wonderful film, please visit the Forgotten Heroes website. And tune in to WAFS this Thursday, June 17 at 7 p.m. Eastern. Jack and I will take your calls at (561) 228-4020, and welcome you to join the live chat.

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Carl Domino, Candidate for Florida State Senate Joins Liberty Belle Hour This Week

I am pleased to welcome Carl Domino to The Liberty Belle Hour this week. Domino, a native Floridian and candidate for State Senate in District 25, is an American success story, rising from humble beginnings to achieve success in both the military as a US Navy Commander, and in the private sector as an accomplished businessman.

I’ll sit down with Carl to discuss all of the important issues of the day, including the BP oil disaster in the Gulf, the Israeli Flotilla raid, Islamic terrorism, economic policy and states’ rights.  As always, I welcome your calls at (561) 228-4020 and your presence in the live chatroom. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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Author Brooke Musterman joins The Liberty Belle Hour this Thursday

Please tune in to The Liberty Belle Hour this Thursday, June 3 at 7 p.m. Eastern when my guest will be fellow Parcbench contributor, writer and author of the new book, Reptiles on Caffeine, Brooke Musterman. I’ll chat with Brooke about her humorous chronicle of the foibles of human nature and the reptilian brain, based on her experiences as a barista in a cafe. An engaging read, Reptiles on Caffeine was one of those books I couldn’t put down and actually finished in one sitting.

There were moments when I laughed out loud, recognizing my own behaviors and those of others I’ve encountered while waiting in line for a hot cup of happiness — although I’m pretty sure the “cafe” that serves as the setting in the book is a far cry from the local Dunkin’ Donuts I frequent, thanks to my addiction to their unique blend. However, as I discovered, human nature is human nature whether expressing itself in an upscale coffee house, or a lower-priced, all-American franchise.

In addition to her book, I’ll also ask the conservative author for her take on current events, pop culture and politics. As always, I welcome your calls at (561) 228-4020 and your presence in the live chat room. See you Thursday!

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The Liberty Belle Hour Welcomes David Ratowitz Tonight

In this photo: Liberty Belle Hour host Daria DiGiovanni, Connor Lanser, Ellen Snyder and Steven Rosenblum.

I am pleased and excited to interview conservative Republican candidate from Cook County, Illinois (yes, you read that correctly!), David Ratowitz, on The Liberty Belle Hour tonight. A successful entrepreneur, US Army veteran and activist, Ratowitz has vowed to restore integrity, fiscal responsibility and respect for individual liberty to the United States Congress. A while back, Steve Rosenblum and I interviewed him on Conservative Republican Forum, and found him to be a welcome addition to an impressive list of grassroots candidates in 2010.

As a special treat for both the audience and me, dear friend and fellow activist Ellen Snyder (who met Ratowitz in person at CPAC this past February), will be guest co-hosting. Just go to the Home Page of WAFS-TV at 7 p.m., and you will see us on your computer screen, where you’ll also note a live chat room. We also welcome your calls at (561) 228-4020.

Please join us tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern!

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Liberty Belle is Whistling

My friend and fellow Parcbench contributor, Don Smith, my go-to guy for speech-writing and other career-related advice, posted an in-depth article with me today on the Parcbench site. Taking a slight break from politics, my interviewer focused mainly on my existing novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal and my forthcoming (before the summer is over, I am determined) novel Sea To Shining Sea.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my first work of fiction, which incorporates many cultural themes in the context of a star-crossed love story. Given the frenzied pace of the necessary — and oftentimes disheartening — political activism of the past 15 months, it sure was nice to take a few moments to share my thoughts on fiction, self-publishing and the role of the writer in the age of social media. Here’s an excerpt:

QUESTION: It seems to me also that we do live in a world where anger, revenge or gloominess wins the day. “Water Signs” seems the opposite of that. There is a level of hope running through it. Without sounding like something syrupy, do you believe in hope?

DARIA DIGIOVANNI: There’s a fantastical element to the book that allows for a bit of “escapism”, even as the characters endure some pretty tough emotional traumas.

As I mentioned, it is loosely autobiographical, so I can tell you without a doubt I firmly believe in hope, faith and belief in a Higher Power, which I refer to as God. These are the things that have helped me emerge victoriously — along with the love and support and family and friends — from the sometimes overwhelming difficulties I’ve faced in my own life, including panic and anxiety disorder.

Madeline’s experience with this emotional problem in the book mirrors mine exactly. And the ultimate value in finally overcoming it for both Madeline and me, is ‘Wow, if I can conquer that, I can conquer just about anything’, with a little help from above, of course.

I’ve gotten positive feedback from countless readers suffering from this same malady in which they thank me for giving them hope that they too, can get over it.

Click over to the site to read the entire thing and, if you are so inclined, post a comment or two. While you’re there, check out all of the excellent posts. It’s greatly appreciated by Kellen, Michael, Sid and the entire crew of Parcbench writers, who are among the most talented, thoughtful and creative people I’ve been associated with.

In a delightfully serendipitous fashion, today also happened to be the day I was invited back onto Jerry Weber’s wonderful Blog Talk Radio show, The Catholic Revolver, specifically to discuss Water Signs. In my first appearance, Jerry and I had delved almost exclusively into the political realm and — since I could blab for hours about the relentless assault on our freedoms — we ran out of time for Ken, Maddy and the rest of the cast of characters who populate my 435-page drama.

My host and I related the book to the social and moral issues of the day, including abortion, which will figure prominently in my sequel. No live callers during today’s broadcast; however, I received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook regarding the interview. Jerry is a fabulous host who seems to naturally transition from one topic to the next, with a knack for making his guests feel very valued and welcome. I can’t wait to be back on his show sometime in June!

Audio at the link: The Catholic Revolver with Jerry Weber

Finally, I want to take a moment to commend Glenn Gallas, conservative Republican congressional candidate from Arkansas CD-4. Last night, I interviewed Glenn on The Liberty Belle Hour, along with Steve Rosenblum (my co-host on Conservative Republican Forum) who recently announced his candidacy for Florida State House in District 89.  This morning, Glenn actually called to thank me for the interview — a first in my nearly 15 months of internet talk radio hosting. Needless to say, I was very impressed by his follow-up and good manners, and will be praying for his success in the May 18 special election. If you’d like to learn more about Glenn, please visit his site and if you like what you see, consider making a donation to his campaign. As soon as Steve has his site up and running, I will post a link here too.

Between starting a new writing contract on Monday for a prominent, international technology company, interviewing some great guests on WAFS-TV, being the subject of a written interview and the exclusive guest on an up-and-coming BTR show, Liberty Belle is whistling a happy tune this Friday, for sure!

UPDATE: Steve’s site is up and running. Check out Elect Rosenblum.

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