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My Interviews with Stacey Joiner on Water Signs and the Writing Process

Just thought I’d post these videos to my blog, which represent one of my earliest forays into using this medium to promote Water Signs. My dear friend Stacey Joiner, certified Yoga instructor, massage therapist, and author of an excellent self-help book entitled, You Deserve The Royal Treatment: A Women’s Guide To Living Royally, interviewed me about my novel and the writing process. At the time, we were both figuring out new and creative ways to market our products, the use of video being just one of them.

Hopefully I’ve improved since the early days, having had much practice in the 19 months following these two appearances, during which I’ve interviewed fellow patriots at grassroots protests, co-hosted Blog Talk Radio programs, appeared as a guest on countless internet radio shows and eventually started my own internet TV broadcast on WAFS called The Liberty Belle Hour (appearing on BTR, beginning on August 5).

And now that I have a Flip of my own, I’ll be adding more video soon.

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