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Doug Giles: Why Do Feminists Attack Sarah Palin and not Sharia?

One of the most irreverent, tell-it-like-it-is conservative writers and talkers, Doug Giles, challenges the hypocrisy of the (alleged) feminists as only he can:

Nope, the fems’ fixation remains on Palin. Palin is the threat. Palin is the She Devil. Palin is the one who gets the nasty jabs—and not Islam and the potential spread of Sharia from sea to shining sea.

I know what you fembots are thinking: Sharia can’t happen here, right? Cha? Yes, we’d never allow Muslims to take us back to Bedrock legislatively. And I’m equally sure that’s what our snaggle-toothed feminist cousins in the UK thought right up until September 2008.

Facts be damned, however. For the feminists, the menacing foe they have to stave off remains Sarah and not Sharia.

Last time I checked, liberal lassies, Mrs. Palin does not believe that …

– Women are inferior to men.

– Women should have fewer rights and responsibilities than Larry the Cable Guy.

– Women count for one-half of a dude in giving evidence in a court of law.

– Women should be horse whipped if they ever make their husband feel like a dork.

– Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra (with extreme level 5 cleavage) makes God angry.

– Women can’t say squat in regard to whom they’ll marry, what they’ll wear, where they’ll live, or whether or not they can divorce their cheating and/or abusive husband.

– Girls can be wed beginning at the ripe old age of frickin’ nine.

Click over to read the whole thing. And for all the “feminists” who refuse to believe Islam and Sharia Law are threats to women, here are some graphic examples to the contrary. This is what we have to look forward to if the USA becomes “Sharia compliant”.

The morally bankrupt, abortion-obsessed feminists have proven themselves to be total frauds. Thank goodness for Mama Grizzlies like Sarah Palin, women with moral integrity and boundless courage who are leading the fight to keep our nation safe, free and prosperous.


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