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The Most Influential Patriot Women of Facebook

Patriot women Ellen Snyder and Daria DiGiovanni with their very tall friend Dan at the first “We Surround Them” event in Greenacres, Florida.

My friends Sharon and Kerrie at the Liberal Heretic recently compiled a list of the most influential patriot women on Facebook. I am humbled and honored to be counted among such an illustrious group that includes:  Real-life friend/fellow activist Ellen Snyder, blogger extraordinaire Tabitha Hale, and good FB friends Stephanie Janiczek (a fellow teammate on an exciting project due out this fall), Kim Brubaker, Caree Severson, and Tina Trimble Belliston.

Sharon notes:

When digg got rid of the shout system, the heretics were forced to move on to greener pastures. So about a year ago we decided to give facebook a shot in order to network our site. Much to our delight, we found an amazing group of people (in the thousands) all with the same goals in mind, to obtain and dessiminate information pretaining to the plight of the country, and to form bonds and friendships with people who share the same value system. Well in the year we have been a part of the facebook patriot network, we have done just that. We want to present to you the women that we feel make a huge impact on facebook. We took the following into consideration when we compiled this list: number of friends, frequency of posts, relevance of posts and how they further the cause, and also we asked the fb community for the women they thought deserved to be mentioned. So here they are in their own words, in no specific order, the God-fearing, America loving, women of Facebook.

Click here to learn about these amazing American women. And thanks again to Sharon and Kerrie!


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