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Small Wonder for Conservatism, Sour Grapes for GOP

My latest Parcbench piece takes a look at Christine O’Donnell’s incredible victory over Mike Castle in the Delaware senate race, and the contemptuous response of a dying GOP establishment that refuses to support her:

In the most shocking demonstration of sour grapes, the sore losers at the NRSC wasted no time announcing there would be no funding for O’Donnell — before she even had a chance to make her acceptance speech. Yeah, the same NRSC that, in kneejerk fashion, endorsed establishment RINO Charlie Crist over principled conservative Marco Rubio waaay back in May, 2009. And sent their lawyer off to Alaska to help incumbent RINO Lisa Murkowski (another ungracious loser) in her failed attempt to find enough votes to prevail over Tea Party Republican Joe Miller.

Click here to read the entire thing.

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New NRSC Ad: Extreme

Hard to believe, but it seems the GOP is finally becoming ad-savvy. This latest effort is the best one of the election cycle so far: hard-hitting, concise, clear and powerful.

We know who the radicals are. And November is coming.

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