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REC Wednesday

Another great old song that always reminds me of summers at the Springfield Swim Club and Ocean City, NJ.

Hard to believe it’s not only midweek already; guess time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been an interesting week so far politically, particularly with this stunning shoot-out between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers. Powers was obviously outmatched and egregiously unprepared for this interview, apparently planning to once again fall back on her usual platitudes and DNC talking points with respect to the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case and the DOJ whistle-blower. Kelly however, did not suffer a fool gladly, as this video clearly demonstrates.

I’ve often questioned Fox’s inclusion of Kirsten Powers among their contributors; she long ago stopped being an intellectually honest voice for the left, in favor of parroting the Democrat Party line. Her “scary, black man” comment is both ignorant and an insult to Megyn Kelly’s intelligence and integrity. For your information, Kirsten, “the man standing outside that was so horrible” was dressed in paramilitary style, brandishing a nightstick and warning white voters — whom he called “crackers” —  to get used to being “ruled” by a black man. That’s ok with you?

And in another shocking display of hubris, Powers also accused Kelly of failing to ask the hard questions of J. Christian Adams, while ranting about all of the alleged injustices that occurred under the Bush Administration’s Department of Justice (she never did point to a specific example).

Is it me, or are many on the left so distraught about the utter failure of their messiah — and the concurrent realization by most of the country that he is indeed, a socialist — that they cannot help but lash out. Even with the facts Kelly painstakingly and passionately articulated repeatedly for Powers, she could not get out of Bush-bashing mode long enough to concede the point, clearly outmatched and outclassed in this interview.

Frankly, I am shocked by her failure to read the transcripts before going on the air. While she never adds anything of substance to any debate, at least she’d previously demonstrated some  knowledge of the topic at hand. This appearance was unworthy of anyone who possesses the title of “contributor” for the highest rated cable news network on television, and I wonder if Fox will even keep her around after this latest incident. Final observation: loved the sly look on Andrea Tantaros’ face at the very end of the segment!

And speaking of fireworks, tonight marks my initiation into the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee (REC), along with many other local conservative friends. Looking forward to outnumbering the RINOs with awesome people like Ellen Snyder (“The Conservative Diva”), Christina Beattie and Jessica Johnson Dornblaser. We’re taking our party and our country back!

Have a great Wednesday!

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