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We Remember — and We Oppose the Ground Zero Mosque

Keep America Safe.com has just released a new and powerful ad against the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. Please share this with everyone you know, especially those who need reminding of the enemy that still seeks to kill us. Kind of ironic I should return from hanging out at the deli today to find this.

Parroting DNC talking points reflective of his dyed-in-the wool Massachusetts Democrat upbringing, deli owner Ron railed against “Republicans” today for their stance against the mosque, deriding their credentials as defenders of the US Constitution and musing out loud as to their motivations and plans going forward. Uh, Ron, have you seen the latest polls? One party is taking heat for this, but it’s certainly not the GOP.

Apparently, CNN hasn’t clued him in to the fact that Harry Reid has taken the same position, or that Democrats are cratering even further in the polls thanks to Obama’s fecklessness on the issue. Heck, it’s destroying their midterm fortunes so badly, a few lefty journalists are now ironically calling out to W. for help.

It’s also lost on Ron that the majority of New Yorkers and Americans who oppose the building of the mosque at this location understand they have the constitutional right to do it, as these polls from CNN and TPM (hardly hangouts for Republicans and “Right Wing Extremists”) indicate.

I dare ┬áhim to watch this video and criticize the sentiments of any of these surviving family members, or condemn them as religious bigots. I realize in Ron’s world, everything boils down to Republicans = Evil, Democrats = Good, but just because you have the right to do something does not deem it the right thing to do. This is a matter of morally right versus morally wrong, and most of the country — regardless of party affiliation — agrees.

Just try to watch this without tearing up — or getting very angry.

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