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John Boehner calls out Dems on revisionist Iraq history

Excellent video from US Representative John Boehner goes on offense against the Obama Administration ahead of the president’s planned Iraq speech next week. It is beyond reprehensible for any Democrat who appears in this montage to take credit for our success in that effort as the ad clearly illustrates. While our troops were engaged in battle, treacherous politicians like Harry Reid were claiming the war was lost, and virulently opposing the surge.

Allah at Hot Air wonders whether Obama will graciously (and rightfully) credit George W. Bush ¬†(in addition to our stellar men and women in uniform), for the success of this effort. Since we’re talking about a committed leftist with a¬†narcissistic messiah complex, I’m betting no. As the Anchoress once noted of the man America elected to the highest office in the land in 2008, he’s too small.

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