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New Ads from West and Rubio

I will post my post-primary thoughts in a later article, but for now, enjoy these two new ads from Lt. Colonel Allen West and Marco Rubio. And bask in this wonderful revelation: Republican turnout in Florida was nearly 2-1 to versus the Democrats. We’ve got the momentum and the energy on the RIGHT side, and I can see November quite clearly from my house! 😉

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Primary Day in Florida!

If you live in The Sunshine State and are a registered Republican, get out and vote today! If you’re a registered Democrat, I hear it will be a lovely day for the beach…just kidding! 😉

On a related note, here’s some insight from the fabulous People’s Cube as to what makes a conservative tick:

Looking forward to the GOP Victory Party later!

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What are you doing about the decline?

Via Conservatives For Palin, I discovered this jarring little illustration as to exactly what Fannie/Freddie, TARP #1, and the election of Hope and Change has wrought upon our nation. Big spending RINOs and liberals beware: November is coming!

Part One: We vote in commonsense conservatives to Congress.

Part Two: We hold them accountable for keeping their promises and undoing as much of the damage from the Obama Administration, the Pelosi Congress and the Harry Reid Senate as possible.

On a related note, if you are a registered Republican and Florida resident, get out the vote this Tuesday, August 24. Here are the two candidates I am most excited about supporting in the Primary and the General Election:

Marco Rubio for Senate.

Lt. Col. Allen West for Congress, FL District 22.

And to my friends who send me emails about how the liberals are destroying our country, I have a question: What are you doing about it? Are you sign waving for candidates? Precinct walking? Phone banking? Poll watching?

If you’re not, why not? And if you’re not, please stop complaining. If you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

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Americans for Prosperity – Dick Morris Event

Last night, I attended an Americans for Prosperity event in Coral Springs, featuring Dick Morris as the speaker. It was a great evening, with many opportunities to capture the thoughts of grassroots candidates and activists on my Flip corder. I am still creating movies and will be updating the blog as I add more, but here’s one to start:

Interviews with Lou Galterio, Jessica Johnson Dornblaser, Joe Kaufman and Robert Lowry.

Update: From my friend Karin Hoffman of DC Works for Us, here’s the full video of Dick Morris’ speech.

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Precinct Walking with the Conservative Divas, Part Two

Kathy, Ellen, Savannah and Daria with more on-the-scene reporting from Boca Raton:

Ellen and Kathy check in with reaction from registered Republicans to our precinct walking efforts.

In this video, I thank grassroots activists and urge other conservatives to join us in saving our country.

Discussing our interaction with the couple who yelled at us for interrupting their dinner.

Ellen discusses her run-in with an alleged super voter who doesn’t vote.

Ellen and Savannah summarize our day of precinct walking in Boca Raton.

Kathy, Daria and Ellen discuss school board, judges, Blog Talk Radio and some of their favorite grassroots candidates in other states.

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Tonight’s Conservative Republican Forum

Join Steve and me tonight on Conservative Republican Forum as we discuss his run for Florida State House in District 89, and the hot topics of the day. As we get closer to Florida’s August 24 Primary and Election Day in November, things are heating up on the political scene. This year’s elections are absolutely critical and those of us who care about preserving freedom must do everything in our power to help bring commonsense conservative men and women of integrity into all levels of government — from local and state legislatures to the halls of Congress.

As always, we welcome your presence in live chat and your calls at (347) 637-1121. See you at 6 p.m.!

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