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Conservatives Channel the Left in Polarizing Palin

Please take a few moments to watch and listen to Mark Levin’s video/monologue on Obamacare.

There’s nothing quite like the fury of a disgruntled conservative with an ax to grind against Sarah Palin. Over at Parcbench, my last post entitled Palin, Haley and the Palmetto State Primary explored the rather distasteful reaction of some conservatives to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Nikki Haley. Without ever referencing the trend of voters’ rejection of candidates who supported TARP, and the slime-ball tactics employed by the stereotypical good ol’ boys in South Carolina’s GOP establishment — both of which played a significant role in Haley’s impressive double-digit victory over Gresham Barrett — some disgruntled Barrett supporters have ascribed all the blame for their guy’s loss exclusively on Palin.

In doing so, they are simultaneously insulting their fellow Palmetto State residents through the insinuation that they are just a bunch of Palin Kool-Aid drinkers, incapable of making their own decisions at the polling booth. But rather than accept the decision of the majority of the South Carolina Republican Primary voters, these folks have taken an adolescent approach to defeat that would make Saul Alinsky proud.

In a glaring display of sour grapes, they altered the name and purpose of their formerly pro-Palin Facebook  group page, without first alerting group members to the impending change. I know, because I was one of them. This new Facebook group now professes a clearly defined purpose of telling Sarah Palin to stay out of states races — never mind that endorsements have always been a part of the political process — because “she doesn’t have to live with the consequences.” (Needless to say, I deleted myself from membership)

Gee, maybe I should add his endorsement of Bill McCollum to my own list of grievances against Newt Gingrich (behind sitting on the couch with Nancy over “climate change” and throwing his support behind uber-liberal RINO Dede Scozzfava in NY-23). After all, Newt doesn’t live in Florida and thus, won’t have to “live with the consequences” should Bill McCollum prevail. By the way, I haven’t yet made up my mind in that race, but I respect any politician’s right to endorse another. And whoever wins the primary will get my support in November.

But back to the conservative Palin-bashers. As if it wasn’t enough to change the Facebook group, which is of course, their right, they’ve now taken a page out of the left’s playbook by constantly maligning and ridiculing her — using lefty blogs as a resource. Lest anyone think these Facebook friends are posers simply pretending to be conservatives, I can assure you that’s not the case. In many ways however, it’s worse — as ugly as liberals can be, especially toward Sarah Palin and her family, it’s unfortunately something we’ve come to expect. However, when conservatives display the same inability to objectively criticize and disagree without character-assassinating, it gives new meaning to the word distasteful. It also wreaks of immaturity, while also providing plenty of new fodder for the Palin-haters on the left.

For these Palmetto Staters, expressing disappointment, outrage and anger isn’t quite enough. Neither is starting a group page dedicated to barring Palin from making endorsements in state races. No, now they feel compelled to take endless pot-shots at her, using none other than Bill O’Reilly, every conservative’s “favorite” (a term I use loosely) blow-hard. For my take-down of Bill from a few months ago, click here.

The other day, one of them took great pleasure in posting a feature from a blog called The Immoral Minority. As if the name of the site alone isn’t enough to give any conservative serious pause, the blog also refers to Fox News as Faux News and includes on its blog roll such illustrious sites as Progressive Alaska and Palin Baby Gate (sorry, but I refuse to link to either one). The site owner, the self-described “middle-aged blogger in Alaska who questions everything”, also follows “renowned” members of the blogosphere like Shannyn Moore.

Hey is it just me, or does anyone else get the distinct impression The Immoral Minority doesn’t much care for conservatives or their “antiquated” values, much less Sarah Palin?

And yet, the anti-Haley crowd proudly posted on Facebook a link from this site describing Sarah Palin’s appearance on The Factor last Friday, during which (surprise!) Bill constantly interrupted her and refused to allow her to clearly articulate her position on immigration. While it’s no shock that The Immoral Minority blog would suddenly find new respect for Bill O’Reilly (someone they view as an “evil” conservative), and mock Palin’s understandable expressions of frustration at not being able to get a word in edgewise, what is rather astounding is that Blow-hard Bill has apparently garnered a whole new level of respect among the Gresham Barrett faithful. These folks gleefully parroted the blog’s schaudenfraude at Palin’s inability to make her point, thanks to Bill’s boorish behavior. Apparently in the minds of some on the right, extreme rudeness is now acceptable — at least when Sarah Palin is the interviewee.

As I noted in my Parcbench article, Palin’s detractors on both the left and right are thoroughly incapable of constructive, even impassioned criticism. They cannot simply state their case, they have to attack her character. They’re also compelled to dismiss every impressive accomplishment on her resume in their zeal to accuse her of not really being a conservative.

And while I certainly believe that no politician is above criticism (and have, in fact, questioned some of Sarah’s endorsements), I am also more than a little nonplussed at my fellow conservatives for losing sight of the big picture.

What if John McCain had never selected Palin as his running mate? Who would be leading the charge against the radical Obama administration? It scares me to death to even contemplate that possibility.

If that sounds a little dramatic, you’ll have to forgive me. I am having a tough time envisioning milquetoast Tim Pawlenty redefining the healthcare debate with a keyboard, a Facebook membership and one simple phrase, death panel. Would Mitt “Romneycare” Romney have the guts to do it? How about pro-life statist Mike Huckabee?

Nah, didn’t think so. In fact, I haven’t seen much in the way of principled, outspoken opposition to Obama’s agenda from most of the prominent GOP boys. Oh sure, they eventually get around to it — usually after Sarah Palin has already blazed the trail.

Ever since stepping down as Governor of Alaska (and conservatives, please don’t pretend you don’t know about the concerted effort to destroy her that led to that decision), Sarah Palin has been a courageous, desperately needed voice on the national stage. As McCain once famously said, “She stands up for what’s right and doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down”.

Is Palin a fallible human being? Absolutely. Does she merit criticism on occasion? By all means.

But at the same time, let’s not forget or diminish her invaluable contributions to the Tea Party Movement, the conservative revival, and the necessary articulation of the radicalism of this administration. Unlike the go-along-to-get-along crowd, Palin has no qualms about putting the messiah in his place and exposing him for the fraud he is. With our country on the brink of disaster, we need her voice now more than ever, and I for one, thank God she has a national stage on which to make a potentially earth-shattering difference, come November, 2010.

Anyone who claims to cherish the ideals of the Founding Fathers and the United States of America would do well to remember that.

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