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Coming Soon: The Conservative Diva

The Conservative Divas: Making activism count!

Having had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Snyder on Facebook two years ago and developing a close friendship shortly thereafter, I am thrilled to announce the impending launch of a new site for fabulous conservative females everywhere: The Conservative Diva.

A mutual friend conceived the idea for the website sometime after I’d  “christened” Ellen with the nickname several months ago, due to her passionate devotion and tireless efforts in the cause of freedom. Kathy (aka Lilly Joy), another wonderful female patriot I met through volunteering on the Edward Lynch campaign, completes the trio. Her highly talented husband, Woody, designed our logo which depicts our collective purpose and individual roles within a single image (not to mention, makes us all look mah-velous!).

The Conservative Diva will encourage,  inspire and inform women and men nationwide (though we’re starting with a focus on Florida) to get active in their local communities, support commonsense conservatives and step out of their comfort zones. We also hope to demonstrate that  — while critically important — activism can also be fun!

Tonight we’ll be interviewing Pam Bondi, Republican candidate for Florida Attorney General, at the grand opening of her Boca Raton office. That video will be featured, along with others, when the site goes live within the next few days. In the meantime, join our Facebook page here. We’ll have profile on twitter shortly, too.




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And now, for a little romance….

In a refreshing change of pace after the Florida Primary and The Liberty Belle Hour with Tony Hager (click on the link to listen to the archive), I will be hosting Red River Writers Live: Romancing the Novel from Coast to Coast on Blog Talk Radio this afternoon at 5 p.m. Eastern.

Please join me as I welcome California-based Cassidy McKay, and New Jersey-based Mickey Flagg, both talented authors in the romance genre. During the course of the two-hour show, we’ll discuss their work and their latest projects as well as the daunting task of writing tasteful  yet compelling love scenes. I’ll also ask them to share their advice for other aspiring romance novelists. Live chat and phone lines will be open, so feel free to comment and ask questions.

Looking forward to a little romance (and a break from the relentless political scene) later today! 😉

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Conservative Republican Forum Tonight!

Join us tonight as we interview two more grassroots candidates: Ryan Brumberg of NY-14 and Michael Faulkner of NY-15 at 6 p.m. on Blog Talk Radio.

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Americans for Prosperity – Dick Morris Event

Last night, I attended an Americans for Prosperity event in Coral Springs, featuring Dick Morris as the speaker. It was a great evening, with many opportunities to capture the thoughts of grassroots candidates and activists on my Flip corder. I am still creating movies and will be updating the blog as I add more, but here’s one to start:

Interviews with Lou Galterio, Jessica Johnson Dornblaser, Joe Kaufman and Robert Lowry.

Update: From my friend Karin Hoffman of DC Works for Us, here’s the full video of Dick Morris’ speech.

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Tuesday Thought: Protected

From today’s Daily Word:

Wherever I am, God is and all is well.

When I feel threatened, I may feel a certain level of fear or anxiety. I may react by searching frantically for someone or something to help me. But there is a better way. In times of fear, I have faith that nothing can harm me, because I am in the midst of the presence of God.

God is within, without, above and below, an all-encompassing presence. It does not matter how chaotic outer conditions may seem, I am secure in the presence of God and I maintain inner peace and composure.

When I have a tranquil mind, no inharmonious experience has any power over me. I walk unalarmed in the midst of danger and bring peace to those who are afraid.

Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and shield.–Psalm 33:20

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Precinct Walking with the Conservative Divas, Part Two

Kathy, Ellen, Savannah and Daria with more on-the-scene reporting from Boca Raton:

Ellen and Kathy check in with reaction from registered Republicans to our precinct walking efforts.

In this video, I thank grassroots activists and urge other conservatives to join us in saving our country.

Discussing our interaction with the couple who yelled at us for interrupting their dinner.

Ellen discusses her run-in with an alleged super voter who doesn’t vote.

Ellen and Savannah summarize our day of precinct walking in Boca Raton.

Kathy, Daria and Ellen discuss school board, judges, Blog Talk Radio and some of their favorite grassroots candidates in other states.

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Sunday Meditation: Comfort

From today’s Daily Word:

In the quiet, I know great comfort.

As I close my eyes to pray or meditate, everything becomes quiet. The simple act of closing my eyes opens my heart to God. And as my heart opens, I am filled with deep love, compassion and comfort. I need never look for someone or something to comfort me. I need only to remember my oneness with God and the ever-present nature of God’s love.

I let go of all worries, knowing that the very best answer will be shown to me. I let go of all insecurity and doubt. As I feel God’s love, I know that all is well. I am safe, and I am fully protected. Each day I take time to become quiet. In the silence, I feel the comfort of a love that endures.

Then they were glad because they had quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.–Psalm 107:30

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