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Grassroots Activists to GOP: Leave the funding to us!

Today’s Parcbench post touts Christine O’Donnell’s second major feat this week: raising over $1 million dollars in just 24 hours!

Can you hear us NOW, GOP elites? Not only are we speaking with our voices, but with our pocketbooks. And even in a brutal economy, we know that if we all just give a little, it will add up to a lot. It’s something called conviction — a quality sorely lacking in elite, allegedly conservative circles. You will reform, or you will go away as a party. It’s really that simple:

In an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show, O’Donnell thanked Tea Party Americans for their support and solicited their patience while her tech team transitioned her online home from primary to general election mode. Earlier that day, she appeared poised, confident and optimistic in an interview with lamestream media member George Stephanopoulos, who wasted no time exploiting Karl Rove’s untoward remarks from the night before. To her credit, O’Donnell never backed down and never became defensive, answering for what feels like the umpteenth time, questions about IRS tax liens and student loans.

And once again, O’Donnell noted the IRS mistake, well-documented and posted on her website.

Please visit the site to read the whole thing.

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Small Wonder for Conservatism, Sour Grapes for GOP

My latest Parcbench piece takes a look at Christine O’Donnell’s incredible victory over Mike Castle in the Delaware senate race, and the contemptuous response of a dying GOP establishment that refuses to support her:

In the most shocking demonstration of sour grapes, the sore losers at the NRSC wasted no time announcing there would be no funding for O’Donnell — before she even had a chance to make her acceptance speech. Yeah, the same NRSC that, in kneejerk fashion, endorsed establishment RINO Charlie Crist over principled conservative Marco Rubio waaay back in May, 2009. And sent their lawyer off to Alaska to help incumbent RINO Lisa Murkowski (another ungracious loser) in her failed attempt to find enough votes to prevail over Tea Party Republican Joe Miller.

Click here to read the entire thing.

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The Battle of Delaware

My latest post for Parcbench examines the contentious primary contest between career RINO Mike Castle and Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate, Christine O’Donnell. An excerpt:

But the divisions this race has exposed on the right side of the aisle are telling, more so for their sheer vindictiveness than anything else. It’s not really a surprise that establishment-embracing publications like National Review and The Weekly Standard would partake in the “electability” rationalization, in spite of the fact that — among other things — Castle voted for Cap and Trade in 2009; the $26 billion Edujobs/BigGovJobs bailout just weeks ago; and the TARP bailout in 2008, as Michelle Malkin notes in a must-read column.

None of Castle’s supporters seem to have an answer as to why it took him until July 30 to sign onto the repeal of ObamaCare, though Mark Levin wonders if the relentless pressure from Christine O’Donnell had anything to with his motivation. Had he not been facing a challenger in the primary, would he have opposed Obamacare at all? And why, Levin asks, does his opposition come with a caveat, i.e. he’d consider repeal if we had a different president? With two years to go in the Obama term, this stance seems mighty contradictory to me.

Please visit the site to read the whole thing. I am hoping to be able to write a post-primary victory piece for O’Donnell sometime tomorrow evening!

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