Allen West goes to D.C.

Last night, my new Congressman-elect (I love typing that!) Allen West gave a moving speech to the West Palm Beach Republican Club, in which he honored veterans, upheld American Exceptionalism and vowed to stand firm for the US Constitution once sworn into office in Washington D.C.

I’d had the good fortune of unexpectedly bumping into Allen as he strode through the parking lot toward the entrance of the Bear Lakes Country Club, when I had to return to my car to retrieve my Flip-corder. He thanked me sincerely for working so hard on his campaign as I gave him a hug and my congratulations (something I’d been unable to do at his victory party, due to the size of the crowd). Truly, this is a man of honor and integrity.

It’s hard to describe just how thrilled South Florida is to have this decorated war hero and and patriot representing us, but you’ll get an idea of the scope our our genuine love  and affection  for Lt. Col. Allen West in the two videos below.

God bless Allen West as he begins a new phase of service to his country. And God bless all of our US Veterans!


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3 responses to “Allen West goes to D.C.

  1. Starla Brown

    Finally my congressman will represent WE THE PEOPLE!!

  2. Conservativediva

    You guys are SO lucky!!! I am stuck with a DemTARD again….uggggg Will District 19 ever wake up???

    Glad Allen will represent ALL and I know he will do it with dignity & honor!!! God Bless America!

  3. Joe M. Baker, Jr.

    As a FORMER GOP nominee for US Congress (1962)
    and also FORMER MD 5th Congressional District
    GOP Chairman, former GOP Chairman for Anne Arundel
    County (county seat is also our State Capitol —
    Annapolis) and also former member of the MD
    delegation to the 1964 GOP Convention (SF)
    (pledged to Barry Goldwater) and a lot of other
    “FORMERS,” I was elated to learn of Allen West’s
    election. The Black registration in Southern
    Maryland from the Civil War until 1965 was over-
    whelming REPUBLICAN…unfortunately, we lost black
    Republicans IN DROVES as their truly ill-informed
    attitude towards Sen. Goldwater.

    Congrats to Col. West — I’m a very active
    84-year old and would be proud and honored to sponsor
    the colonel for membership in the Capitol Hill
    Club. MOST (if not ALL) Republican members of Congress
    do hold membership in the Club — something Col. West
    can authenticate by just checking with some of
    his GOP fellow Congressmen from the Sunshine

    John MICA is an active member of the Club —
    HOWEVER, COL West, remember I invited you to
    join first, so no fair having John be your
    sponsor! (You can tell him I said this…)

    I congratulate you on your election and hope to
    give you a warm Welcome to Washington when
    you get up this way.


    Joe M. Baker, Jr,

    Now close to 84, I’m nevertheless still very active
    and I have a string of GOP credentials.

    I would like to invite you, Allen, to be my guest at the
    National Republican Club of Capitol Hill — a very
    nice luncheon and dinner club — with a GREAT
    cocktail lounge frequented by almost every GOP member
    of the House and a good number from the Senate. The
    Club is walking distance from the House Office
    Buildings but — unfortunately, all the way across
    the Capitol Plaza from the Senate Buildings so we
    don’t get a large influx for lunch, dinner and
    so forth from members of the “Upper House”.

    EVERY GOP member of the just-past Congress IS A
    so remember you heard it here first: Joe
    Baker wants to be your sponsor!

    Congratulations again — and a preemptive

    Joe M. BAKER, Jr.
    2553 Golfers Ridge Road
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Cell 443-454-6272

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