Agenda 21 and the Assault on our Individual Liberty

Please take a few minutes to watch this eye-opening video on so-called sustainable development. According to the speakers, both President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton are guilty of betraying the American people for this nefarious global agenda, which will use our own tax dollars to impose a travesty that hinges on the indoctrination of children in order to bring about a vision of a “global village” and destroy individual property rights.  The goal is to transfer loyalty from the family to the government via an “attitude training” curriculum.  If you’ve been paying attention to the offerings at the cinema over the last several years, this probably won’t come as a surprise.

Films like Over the Hedge (which uses cute animal animation to vilify big, bad humans)  and Hoot (which glorifies violence and vandalism as a means to achieve an end) are just two examples of Hollywood’s attempt to brainwash kids into submission and acceptance of the global warming, America-is-evil-and-responsible-for-all-the-world’s-ills bunk.  And as demonstrated by the grotesque 10-10 video ad, No Pressure, not even the detonation of skeptical children (and adults) is off-limits, at least metaphorically.

If you value American principles, rights and lifestyles, learn everything you can about Agenda 21, and join the fight against it; otherwise, as stated in the video “the effect on the average American will be devastating”.

H/T: My good friend Shona.


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