Coming Soon: The Conservative Diva

The Conservative Divas: Making activism count!

Having had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Snyder on Facebook two years ago and developing a close friendship shortly thereafter, I am thrilled to announce the impending launch of a new site for fabulous conservative females everywhere: The Conservative Diva.

A mutual friend conceived the idea for the website sometime after I’d  “christened” Ellen with the nickname several months ago, due to her passionate devotion and tireless efforts in the cause of freedom. Kathy (aka Lilly Joy), another wonderful female patriot I met through volunteering on the Edward Lynch campaign, completes the trio. Her highly talented husband, Woody, designed our logo which depicts our collective purpose and individual roles within a single image (not to mention, makes us all look mah-velous!).

The Conservative Diva will encourage,  inspire and inform women and men nationwide (though we’re starting with a focus on Florida) to get active in their local communities, support commonsense conservatives and step out of their comfort zones. We also hope to demonstrate that  — while critically important — activism can also be fun!

Tonight we’ll be interviewing Pam Bondi, Republican candidate for Florida Attorney General, at the grand opening of her Boca Raton office. That video will be featured, along with others, when the site goes live within the next few days. In the meantime, join our Facebook page here. We’ll have profile on twitter shortly, too.



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4 responses to “Coming Soon: The Conservative Diva

  1. Daria,
    It’s great that you christened Ellen as the Conservative Diva. But did you really have to break the champagne bottle over her head? She hasn’t been the same since!

  2. Conservativediva

    Awesome post Daria!!! The Conservative Divas will fire up Americans everywhere…2012 here we come!!!

    Steve…at least it was good champagne 😉

  3. dariaanne

    Steve….lol! I know, there will be no living with her from here on out. That’s why she’s the main “Diva”!

    Don’t worry, I will do my best to keep her in line — even if I have to break another champagn bottle. 😉

  4. Conservativediva

    I have the BEST friends EVER!!!!

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