Sunday Meditation: Forgive

From today’s Daily Word:

My heart blossoms with joy, love and peace.

To prepare a flower bed or garden, I begin by removing weeds, stones or the remains of previous plantings. Working steadily and with patience, I open the space to sunlight, air and moisture.

With each handful that I remove, I see more of the potential for the garden I have in mind. When it is clear, I rake the soil. I now have a perfect spot in which to plant my seeds of choice.

Forgiveness is much like preparing a garden. I prepare my heart by removing–one handful at a time–the debris of resentment, misunderstanding or anger. My heart opens to divine light and love. It is the perfect place for joy, love and peace to blossom.

They shall again live beneath my shadow, they shall flourish as a garden.–Hosea 14:7

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