Chris Christie Plays Politics on Ground Zero Mosque

A political football, Governor Christie? Sigh.

Fiscal conservatism aside, looks like you’re just another opportunist lacking the guts and moral clarity to take an unapologetic stand on a critical issue. For a guy who’s clearly unafraid to take on union thugs, your stance on the mosque matter is — shall we say — rather disappointing. It wreaks of the same kind of political opportunism so shamelessly demonstrated by Charlie Crist. Have you forgotten how many New Jersey residents were murdered on 9/11?

“This is a matter of right and wrong,” Mark Levin excoriates. “To simply dismiss this as a political football match, with both parties playing games is an attempt to elevate yourself above it all….rather than get your hands dirty and deal with it”.

Update: Cubachi sums it up nicely.


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One response to “Chris Christie Plays Politics on Ground Zero Mosque

  1. Jim Clark

    The Islamic Adhan (Call to Prayer) blared from Mosque loudspeakers five times daily would echo out, every day at Ground Zero, the final words heard by the passengers aboard the hijacked planes: “Allahu Akbar…”
    Imagine friends and relatives of the 9-11 victims visiting Ground Zero and hearing that. JUST IMAGINE! The thought sends chills down my spine!

    They plan to call it “Córdoba House”: Muslims have a long history of commemorating their victories by erecting a mosque on a significant site of the conquered land. According to wikipedia
    “The Great Mosque of Córdoba, now known as the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (English: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption) was a mosque built by the Umayyads on the site of a Christian Visigothic Church in the Andalusian city of Córdoba, Spain. It is regarded as perhaps the most accomplished monument of the Umayyad dynasty of Córdoba.”
    (Umayyads = Islamic Berbers)

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