Saving Our Country, Precinct by Precinct, State by State

Today I spent several hours with many of my favorite South Florida patriots, walking the neighborhoods of Precinct 4088 in Boca Raton. While it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, dealing exclusively with registered Republicans for the upcoming Florida Primary on August 24, we did run into a few snafus.

My friend Kathy and I were practically assaulted for the terrible injustice of interrupting one couple’s dinner when they angrily informed us that they’d already voted. Fair enough, but couldn’t they have politely shard that information with us and — dare I say — maybe even thanked us for doing our civic duty? It’s August in Florida, after all, and intense humidity is not your friend when lugging around a backpack filled with campaign literature.

Seriously, radical lefties are destroying our country and these idiots are mad about having to answer the doorbell? Give me a break!

Another winner was the guy who announced to Ellen that he doesn’t vote. If ignorance doesn’t kill us, apathy most certainly will! I remind you, these were registered Republican voters, not Obama-zombies. I expect more from them, especially when our country is on the precipice.

Anyway, lots of great video coverage to come, starting with these four:

Stuffing envelopes prior to heading out.

Ellen Snyder, the woman who inspired the title Conservative Diva, with Little Diva, Savannah.

Kathy Robbins, another fabulous Conservative Diva who makes me proud!

Taking it to the street in Precinct 4088 in Boca Raton.

Stay tuned: plenty more to come!

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