Sunday Meditation: Illumined

From today’s Daily Word:

I am illumined by the guidance of God.

When Paul was traveling to Damascus, his mission in life was to destroy the Christian churches that were forming, and they had his full attention. In a moment of sudden awareness, he perceived the activity of Spirit within, and he changed course, choosing to lead in the formation of these churches instead.

Spontaneous enlightenment is possible for me, too, when I give my full attention to Spirit’s calling and the potential of the present moment. I am flexible and fluid, able to change course as I am led. Fully aware and engaged in the process of life, I spontaneously and mindfully act in response to the guidance I receive.

Sometimes I am tempted to say “I do not know how to do this,” or “I do not see the next step.” These thoughts come to mind, but there is a deeper knowing available to me. I am not restricted to human understanding, which seeks to find logical answers to life’s questions. I open to spiritual understanding, to hear the “still small voice” and receive God’s guidance, to become one with Divine Mind. While I may not see the whole pathway, my next steps become clear.

Spiritual direction may come as inspiration, a word, picture or simply an inner sense of “rightness.” Experience has shown that as I listen and follow my inner guidance, I begin to hear the voice of God more easily. I am illumined by divine guidance, and I am grateful.

There is nothing hidden, except to be disclosed; nor is anything secret, except to come to light.–Mark 4:22


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