Just in Time for the Midterm Elections

Comes a film whose time has definitely come. Rock on, Tea Party Patriots!

H/T to Facebook friend Dallas Packer.



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20 responses to “Just in Time for the Midterm Elections

  1. Jim Fusco

    When Bill Clinton left office, we had a budget surplus for tghe first time in a generation. The national debt was projected to shrink for at least 10 years. At the end of the Bush presidency, the national debt was growing faster than at any time since WWII. But somehow this is all Obama’s fault. Keep revising, Tea Partiers.

    • Bill Clinton reveled in [& took credit for] a Bush Sr.-led economy. The reason the economy was so good was because of the tax cuts & actions of the previous administration. “W” took the blame for Clinton’s poor management. Clinton comes off blameless. Must be nice….b

    • Big Tasty

      Jim, you forgot to mention the Democratic controlled Congress that Bush had. They set the budget, not the prez…

    • John Francis


      Jim, if you put down the joint and noam chomsky book for a minute you might learn something. At the end of the ‘W’ presidency the national debt was just over 400 billion. Since obama took office the national debt has skyrocketed to between 1.7 and 1.8 trillion. Those numbers aren’t anyone’s opinion, those numbers are the facts.

      A baby born today, at this very hour, owes $27,000 in debt.

      obams really kicking some ass jim. He’s quadrupled both ‘W’s (8 year) national debt, and number rounds of golf played, in less than two years.
      And what did we get for it?
      We got a government healthcare product that we were all told we wanted, told we were going to buy, and told we were going to use – even though neither the prez nor congress has any authority to force the american people to purchase and use anything.
      We also got the most regressive race relations of our, and even our parents, lifetimes. Forget the progress, the deeds, and the great sacrifices of Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, JFK, & RFK ……… oh no barack is here and he’s going to save this nation from intolerance and bigotry. Next he’s going to invent flight, the internal combustion engine and the lightbulb.

      Libs, please … take a step forward. It’s not the 1960’s anymore. People are, for the most totally decent to one another, regardless of your perverted racist fantasies. You want to spend your time with barack, and eric holder and garbage that speaks of how a ‘hispanic woman can make a better decision that a white man’. You really want to do that? Well, than you are festering in the very filth that you claim to crusade against.

      We Americans , of all colors, and of all religions, are at the finsh line……. where we welcome Everybody who wants to be a part of our Great land .
      You are welcome to join us.
      But you must first let go of your dead views, your dependency on dependency and your hate. . .self loathing and otherwise.


      • Jim Fusco

        Gee, somewhere between the pithy smugness and condescending personal insults, I guess you were trying to make a point. Oh yeah, I should let go of MY hate…

  2. Conservativediva

    With all due respect Jim I do believe the “surplus” you speak about was from the theft of Social Security money! Clinton was certainly NO prize!

    The problem with Obama is when you have debt the way to get out of debt is NOT by spending MORE but by budgeting ie cutting taxes, cut pork, taking less vacations not more, NOT having lavish parties for your cronies at OUR expense….I think you get the picture 😉

    Even my nine y/o knows that if you have NO money in your piggy bank you MUST STOP spending…maybe she should be president!!

  3. dariaanne

    Let’s not forget that in 1994, Republicans took over Congress in a landslide. Thus, in order to remain politically viable, Ol’ Bill had to move to the center. Therefore, the passage of such things as welfare reform.

    Pat Caddell obviously gets it; the electorate is readying for a revolution at the ballot box!

  4. Conservativediva

    More great points Brooke!!! The monkey in the middle took the credit and the sheeple allowed him to sail away…..good lord!

  5. Don Smith

    Clinton had the budget surplus thanks to Reagan’s tax cuts. Something that Bush 41 ignored and ended up costing him the election.

    Bush 43 continued the tax cuts and it worked well (considering 9/11 frigged up the economy) it bounced back. However, the real estate bubble exploded and Obama has seen two examples of tax cuts getting the economy back on track, but he has ignored them.

    Hence why the Dems will lose in 2010 and Sarah Palin is elected President. That’s right, I said it, live with it!

  6. When Bill Clinton left office, the tech bubble was getting ready to burst and the U.S. hadn’t been attacked by 19 Al Qaeda terrorists on 9/11 throwing us into a global war against radical Islamic extremists. We weren’t at war in two countries and the housing bubble (created by the CRA and geniuses like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) hadn’t burst either. We also weren’t facing a global recession yet, or at least no one was admitting it.

    I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say it was all Obama’s fault. But he has quadrupled the debit and tripled the deficit, with no end in sight. And of course he’s put in place job killing policies that should ensure the unemployment rate continues to be at 9.5%, or higher, with the likelihood of a double-dip recession and/or hyper-inflation.

    But go on, keep ignoring history.

  7. Angie

    Let us not forget, Jim, Pelosi, Reid and the Dems took over the House and Senate on January 4, 2007. Just in time to start making that deficit grow faster than at any time since WWII at the end of Bush’s presidency. And it has been skyrocketing ever since.

  8. Thanks, Don. I meant Reagan ;)…b

  9. dariaanne

    As a matter of fact, I was a “Tea Partier” before it was “cool”. I was one of the folks melting the switchboard against Bush’s amnesty, I opposed the massive expansion of the federal government under his administration and I completely rejected his statist notion of “compassionate conservatism”.

    Unlike liberals however, I can give credit where it’s due, and G.W. deserves credit for keeping us safe after 9/11 and for passing the tax cuts. Bill Clinton treated terrorism as a law enforcement matter, helping to make 9/11 possible (building walls b/t intelligence agencies, among other stupid things).

    The government needs to get out of the way of the private sector. They brought about the mortgage collapse by interfering a la Fannie and Freddie (which have been very good for corruptocrats like Barney Frank…not so good for Americans), and they’re succeeding in destroying medicine.

    It’s well past time for the federal government to obey its Constitutional boundaries!

  10. I disagreed with most of “W”‘s policies & wouldn’t have even considered voting for John McCain before the last election. They were way too moderate, but were right on about the war…b

  11. dariaanne

    Brooke, I voted for Palin! 😉

  12. Rick

    Don’t forget alot of that surplus came of the backs of our military, Clinton closed several Bases and cut forces drastically. All the Libs blamed Bush for the state of the VA hospitals and the troops not having the proper equipment in Iraq and Afganistan but that decline happened in the 90’s. When Bush came in the new equipment began to roll in.
    As for the Economy BHO inherited Barry and his pals have their finger prints all over it..Check the voting records Jim..oh wait you might not like what you find out!!!

  13. Michael D.

    If Clinton had had his way, we would already have been bankrupt under HillaryCare. It was only through the GOP-controlled Congress that he saw the handwriting on the wall, supported a balanced budget and instituted “WorkFare.”

  14. dariaanne

    Hey Jim,

    Nobody’s hating on anyone here. I remind you of your condescending remarks about the Tea Party that started this thread. Why don’t you engage any of the factual arguments made here instead of falsely accusing people of hatred?

    Talk to Sarah Palin about what real maliciousness looks like; she’s experienced lefty depravity like no other politician I know. Did you see the latest after the Alaska plane crash?


    As if photoshopping her Down Syndrome baby wasn’t the most depraved thing they could ever do!

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