Black Tea Party Patriots Speak Out

I am so proud of these determined patriots for standing tall for freedom, and calling out the real racists in the political and cultural class. Among them is my friend Kevin Jackson, author of The Big Black Lie, founder of The Black and host of the internet radio program, The Black Sphere. Please take a moment to watch this video and share with anyone you know who needs an education as to the motivation and objective of the Tea Party Movement:

And for their courage and conviction, they are ridiculed by members of the lamestream, Obama-lovin’ media:

Thank you to all of these  fine folks for their commitment to freedom; I am so appreciative and thrilled to stand beside them in the fight for our country and the restoration of our republic. God bless them!



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3 responses to “Black Tea Party Patriots Speak Out

  1. Don Smith

    But…but…isn’t the Tea Party racist? I mean weren’t their signs that say, “Lynch President Obama!”? I mean even though I didn’t see the sign and I know that if the sign existed both the Secret Service and MSNBC, CNN, Fox and every other channel in America and the World would have posted the picture everywhere!

    Uh…I still say the Tea Party is racist. I just need more proof.

  2. Rose DiGiovanni

    Just come to one of our Tea Party rallies and you will see the kind of American patriot that attends these rallies. We are sick of BIG government meddling in our lives and a President that bows to dictators and apologizes for our Country. We need to take our Country back before he further damages it. God Bless America and PLEASE stand with us!!!!!

  3. dariaanne

    Hey Mom, thanks for the comment! Don was just being sarcastic — he’s definitely one of us! 😉

    Love ya,

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