Midweek Meditation

Since the Daily Word website is down, I decided to post this article from the Reverend Stan Hampson, via Stretton Smith entitled, “Make No Small Plans”:

“Your life is the size of your vision,

You create an exciting life, or one that is cramped.

Accept no little ideals.

Make no small plans. They have no magic. They cannot stir men’s blood. And probably themselves will not be realized.

Make big plans.

Aim high, and hope, and work.

What will your plans be? Get some paper and a sharp pencil. Write down every goal, objective, desire you can see in your mind.

Where do you want to go?

What kind of life will you have?

What kind of vacation would you like?

What kind of marriage? Home? Career? Retirement? Family?

You may end up with 100 possibilities — or more.

Any fanciful thought can become a plan.

That too, is up to you.

And where you have a plan, all the forces of the universe are working in your favor.

So it is up to you. What will it be?

God is already saying “yes” if you will only give Him your expectations and your plans.

Visualize your results.

Walk in your dream on a regular basis.

Trust God to bring into manifestation what you can conceive and what you can believe.

It works.”


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