Monday Meditation: Beauty

From today’s Daily Word:

I behold the beauty of God in all people and all things.

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The word behold is especially significant, for it reminds us to take time to really see–to consciously observe–the beauty around us.

What beauty do I behold today? Is it the rising sun? Is it the face of a loving companion or a precious pet? A sacred prayer that fills my heart and soul? I can behold beauty in all of these things and more. Anytime I seek beauty, I will find it. It may be found in a tiny grain of sand or in the vastness of a canyon. I may find beauty in the magnificence of the outside world or in the deep inner sanctum of my soul.

Today I behold the beauty in all things. As I do, I see the beauty within and around me in greater splendor.

Behold the beauty of the Lord.–Psalm 27:4


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