Monday Meditation

From today’s Daily Word:


I hold a vision of peace, love and harmony for myself and the world.

What is my vision for my life? What do I hope to accomplish? Where do I see myself in the near future and in the years ahead?

As I think about the vision I hold for myself, I give thanks to God. I give thanks that my future is a clean slate. It is mine to plan, mine to choose and mine to live. What a freeing feeling this is!

Right now, I sit in the quiet of prayer and open my mind and heart to God. I release my past, give thanks for the present moment and look forward to the hopes and dreams of my future. Day by day, my vision becomes clearer and my faith becomes stronger as I let go and trust God to guide me forward.

See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare.–Isaiah 42:9


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