Give Me Liberty 365 Days A Year!

Just thought I’d post a little teaser about an exciting project I am working on with a.m. talk radio host Kevin Price and a fabulous team of writers. We are working hard to create a devotional type of book to educate and inspire families all across the USA about our magnificent land, and the heroes/events crucial to its founding. Our goal is to renew a genuine love and appreciation for the blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice and death suffered for the cause of individual liberty, and the establishment of a nation that would recognize that the rights of man come from God, not government.

Years of public school indoctrination, revisionist history and America-hating pop-culture and media have wrought pervasive damage upon the American psyche; as a people, we’ve lost sight of the fact that never in the history of the world has their been a country like ours, ever — a place where the common man is respected and the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” upheld. This Constitutional Republic was a radical concept in an age of monarchies, oligarchies and totalitarian regimes, and our Founding Fathers were truly the enlightened ones.

With this book, we hope to make a significant contribution to the American revival currently taking place. I’ve mentioned before that what ails our nation will not be solved in one or two election cycles; rather there must be a re-education of the electorate to ensure the election of upstanding men and women of integrity who possess a reverence for the United States Constitution.

I would like to take a moment to thank the following patriots for all of their hard work:

Joan Schaefer Poach

Diane Student of Freedom’s Wings

Don Smith of InvestComics

Sabrina Steyling, writer for Main Street Magazine, Hawthorne, New Jersey

Brooke Musterman, author of Reptiles on Caffeine

Stephanie Janiczek, one of Facebook’s Most Influential Patriot Women

Roxanna Trinka, small business owner of Baseline Engineering in Boca Raton, FL

Christopher Arriviello

Kevin Price, Price of Business

Working our way toward a Thanksgiving/Christmas release!


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