Thursday Meditation: Renewal

From today’s Daily Word:


The perfect life of God within renews me day by day.

The energy of God renews the earth after fire, earthquakes or floods. New life pushes up through the ash, the debris and the mud. In the same way, God in me renews and heals me no matter what the appearance or experience.

Regardless of what happens in the outer world, there is an eternal, unchanging perfect life beyond the visible. As I calm my thoughts, release my fears, and open my heart to that perfect life, I open to the flow of healing that is always available. Healing flows freely into my body and mind from the infinite Source of life. It cannot be limited or damaged by the physical world. This life is the truth of my being and through it I experience renewal.

We look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.–2 Corinthians 4:18

Yesterday, my dear friend Don from New Jersey (originally a Facebook connection whom I long ago started to regard as a “little brother”), called me to share some exciting news. Seems he he’d gone to meet up with a woman who is known as a Christian charismatic — a “psychic” of sorts — and after she relayed a message from God to him, he generously asked if she would do the same for his good friend Daria.

Excitedly, Don shared with me this woman’s message that God was indeed hearing me, that whatever I was doing, I should keep it up (I interpret that to mean my daily prayer/meditation time, tithing and my weekly healing service/get-together with my good friend Beverly). He also told me the woman relayed that I was a slingshot — that God was pulling me back temporarily, but it wouldn’t be long before He released and catapulted me to stratospheric levels of success and fulfillment of my dreams.

Knowing each other’s struggles Don and I each act as a support system for the other, and hearing this from him yesterday brought me indescribable comfort and relief. It also made me realize once again, what an invaluable gift a real friend is.

Whatever you are striving for, remember that God does not give you the desire without also giving you everything you need to bring it to fruition. Keep believing, keep going and always remember that the powerful presence of God is with you every step of the way.

Have a blessed Thursday!


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