American Heart

I will return to regular book blogging shortly, along with a recap of my time in Franklin, Tennessee last weekend, where I watched my twin niece and nephew, Dom and Emmy, graduate from high school. Both are incredible young adults who have made my family very proud. Dom’s valedictorian speech was worthy of a college commencement, and I am so glad I made the effort to drive 800 miles each way to be there. More to come with photos and video of my nephew’s speech soon.

But since it’s Friday and I happened to come across this amazingly beautiful song and accompanying video by Jon David, a Hollywood writer and producer who recently “outed” himself as a conservative on Fox News, I just had to post it here. My favorite line: “I’m in love with her and I won’t apologize”. Damn right!

Enjoy, and God bless America!


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2 responses to “American Heart

  1. Kelly

    Absolutely beautiful, Daria! I can’t convey words to express how much this meant to me.

    As a Canadian, I am so proud of my American Cousins and Best Friends – bless you all, bless us all.

    As Todd Beamer said on Flight 93, “Let’s Roll.”

  2. Beverly

    Daria that video brought tears to my eyes but I want to do more than cry about it. Please let me know if you know of an organization that helps our veterans in any way. I want to volunteer to help those who fight and die for our freedom while we relax at home watching TV. I’m guilty. I’ve been saying for a long time I want to help in some way but STUFF
    gets in the way. I’m committing now. I know you are networked in the political circles and will be able to recommend some good organizations. Thanks in advance.

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