The Liberty Belle Hour Welcomes David Ratowitz Tonight

In this photo: Liberty Belle Hour host Daria DiGiovanni, Connor Lanser, Ellen Snyder and Steven Rosenblum.

I am pleased and excited to interview conservative Republican candidate from Cook County, Illinois (yes, you read that correctly!), David Ratowitz, on The Liberty Belle Hour tonight. A successful entrepreneur, US Army veteran and activist, Ratowitz has vowed to restore integrity, fiscal responsibility and respect for individual liberty to the United States Congress. A while back, Steve Rosenblum and I interviewed him on Conservative Republican Forum, and found him to be a welcome addition to an impressive list of grassroots candidates in 2010.

As a special treat for both the audience and me, dear friend and fellow activist Ellen Snyder (who met Ratowitz in person at CPAC this past February), will be guest co-hosting. Just go to the Home Page of WAFS-TV at 7 p.m., and you will see us on your computer screen, where you’ll also note a live chat room. We also welcome your calls at (561) 228-4020.

Please join us tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern!

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